The Art Group - Strathroy Caradoc
various Strathroy Caradoc and area artists promoting arts in the community

Child/Youth Art Classes











Free Summer Classes July 23 to 27 for ages 7-11, and 12 & over. 



Ten youth, over 11, were involved in different artistic creations each

day.  Hilary Nipcon started the week with pencil animal drawings which

were transferred to special black paper.  The animal sketched was then

scratched into the paper and an original piece of art in black and white

emerged.  The next afternoon, she facilitated painting ceramic

sculptures.  On Wednesday and Thursday, Marg Evers demonstrated various

watercolour techniques. On Friday, Hope Hall and Nancy Jenkins-Giffen

taught latch hooking techniques to make a wall hanging.


Thirteen children, aged 7 to 11, enjoyed a week of free art classes. 

Members of the Art Group taught different creative techniques each

morning:  teenager Madeline Ryan started the week with paper quilling;

Linda Rupp and Henry Verberne facilitated construction of sculptures

using bits of wood which were hot glued and painted; Betty McCracken

showed the students how to use only a palette knife and acrylic paint to

create landscapes; Marg Evers demonstrated various watercolour

techniques; and Hope Hall and Nancy Jenkins-Giffen ended the week  with

rug hooking techniques.

Patti Keeler and Joyce Hurd demonstrated two different watercolour techniques to create a wraparound label to make a pencil caddy.  Using pencil crayons, the students created a picture that was folded into a paper bag.