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I am very pleased to say that I will be moving to Mt. Brydges area in early May and I am looking forward to connecting with fellow artists. I work mainly in watercolour. Hope to see you all soon.
Carolyn Stone - 9 Feb 2021
Great work from local artists! We have some pieces displayed in our home & business. My daughter in ceramics @ Concordia will hopefully have a table this summer at Art in the Park.
Andrew Cater-Smith - 11 Apr 2019
Great site! It's easy to use!
John Brennan - 17 Oct 2013
A visitor has made an inquiry about the following work: Item: RADIANT IRIS URL: Name: Pat Evanetz Email Address: (Valid format) ------ Comment --------- I have personally had the pleasure of viewing this piece of art hanging in the home of the Artist!!!! Its beautiful!!!
Pat Evanetz - 8 Dec 2011
Hello I would like to provide a link to a new Art Gallery & Gift Boutique opening in Port Stanley in March of 1st. We have a call for artists on the website that some of your members may be interested in. Sincerely, Sandra England
Sandra England - 15 Nov 2011
Such beauty, such deft strokes of the brush, look forward to seeing more of your work. Love the old car.
Richard Truman - 11 Nov 2011
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